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Dear CCR Supporters –
The new kennel system has been cleaned, cleaned, and cleaned again.  Then a dedicated group of volunteers assembled it.  Now, it is already comfortably housing many of our larger residents!  Thank you so much for every dollar you donated and for every time you shared our plea.  A whopping 352 of our supporters made the impossible, a reality!  Please stop on by to see the fruits of your efforts!
The success of acquiring the kennel system has been the shot of adrenaline that CCR has needed!  We are thinking big picture and are poised to start making additional shelter improvements that will better the quality of life of our residents, shorten their stays at the shelter, and increase adoptions.  We believe that buying another bank of kennels and free standing dog beds, a fresh coat of paint, some proper cabinetry and improving the technology at our shelter will transform it!  Every improvement increases adoptions and makes life better for the pups!
So, here’s our Call to Action!
Throughout summer, if you have concert tickets, sports tickets, have items that we can raffle off, etc…, please email us at info@chicagocaninerescue.com to arrange to donate them. Perhaps there are other things that you can do… did you miss the CCR garage sale – maybe you can have one of your own to benefit the shelter?  Are your kids willing to have a lemonade stand or bake sale for the pups?  Are you willing to put together a Krispy Kreme donut day at the shelter?  Every small effort of our collective selves can very clearly be life-changing for our shelter animals.  Please help us be creative and continue this great momentum of turning our shelter into the place that we all would like it to be!
Thank you so much for your continued support.  Together, we’re going to do more great things!
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meloface After 15 years and thousands of dogs saved, there is still nothing to prepare us for the terror we feel when one of the pups is in trouble.  In the course of two days, sweet Melo went from being an apparently happy, healthy little puppy with a loving foster home to being in desperate need of emergency surgery to save his life.  An hour after dropping him off for his scheduled neuter surgery, we got a call that had our hearts in our throats –  little Melo was suddenly and inexplicably paralyzed, unable to stand.  We raced him to our regular vet. X-rays and blood tests revealed nothing abnormal. Beyond confused and worried beyond belief, we transferred this little guy to the emergency center, where a neurologist did some additional imaging and finally identified the problem – a rare and devastating genetic condition called atlantoaxial subluxation. Poor Melo was born missing a vital bone in his neck, which left him vulnerable to sudden paralysis with any twist, turn, or jump.  To save his mobility and life, Melo will need neurosurgery – with a $6,500 price tag.  We know it’s a HUGE undertaking, and that it’s a lot to ask of our amazing community of dog lovers.  But we truly believe that every dog deserves the chance to live a happy, loved life. Like every dog who comes through our doors, we are committed to making sure Melo receives the care he needs to have that chance.  Unfortunately, because he is so small, he is not able to undergo the procedure until he is 6 months old, as his bones need to be mature enough to accommodate the surgery.  Until then, Melo will need wear a doggie neck brace to keep him stable and
safe until he’s strong enough for surgery.  This precious baby is only four months old, with a whole life ahead of him. Please, help us give him the life-saving care he needs – make a donation today!

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Dorothy, above left, receives a medicated bath.  She is battling demodectic mange, heartworm disease, and also needs an amputation due to a badly broken elbow.  Cecelia, above right, came to us from a hoarding situation with four newborn puppies.

The first month of 2016 has seen an absolute deluge of sweet dogs in desperate need of emergency medical care.  After raising funds for sweet Laika’s broken leg, we were heartbroken to learn that her injury was too old to be addressed surgically – and then elated when we were able to provide emergency surgery for Meli, a puppy with two broken legs.  But the emergencies keep coming – and we are struggling to keep up.  It’s easy to get discouraged in the face of so many dogs in so much pain – and these are just a few of the most recent arrivals. But, whenever we feel down, we remember our motto – LEAVE NO DOG BEHIND – and find a way to come to the rescue. We absolutely cannot turn away dogs like these, and when you see their sweet faces and read their stories, we know you’ll see why.  Please consider making a donation towards the care of some of our most urgent pups!



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Ever wonder what happens to shelter dogs that are not perfect, are considered too young, too old, too sick or who have special needs?

Traditionally, these animals were automatically euthanized at area shelters. However, today, Chicago Canine Rescue Foundation exists to give many of these animals a second chance, too!

CCRF was founded in 2001 to help find permanent, loving homes for homeless dogs in our city. CCRF has saved the lives of over 3,000 dogs, cats, kittens (yes, we have started helping a few felines each year, too!) and puppies.

CCRF assists the animals that are the MOST vulnerable in our city – the dogs and cats that are slated for euthanasia because they are too old, too young, too injured, have disabilities, or have simply been overlooked for too long by potential adopters at other shelters.