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Imagine a world where lost souls find refuge and wounded hearts seek solace. In this realm of compassion and care, distinctions shape destinies. Delve into the realm of animal welfare as you unravel the enigmatic differences between shelters and sanctuaries. Discover how these havens of hope offer diverse paths to, .. more

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Spotlight on Rescue Centers

Our Top Picks for Smites Best Playable Heroes

Smite started out as just another MOBA trying to compete with LoL and DOTA 2. Two giants of the industry that seemed unstoppable. Many people wrote off Smite and thought it would be dead within a year. But many years on and Smite is still one of the most popular MOBAs on the market. The metagame is in a very healthy place, new heroes are released constantly and the active modding community makes sure we have access to the latest working cheats for Smite. In fact, it seems the Smite community is more active than the DOTA 2 community, which is a huge step.

So today we are ranking our top picks for the best playable heroes in Smite. This ranking is based on our opinions and experiences, as opposed to the current Metagame.


Our first pick is the elemental wizard himself. Merlin. A ranged damage dealer, Merlin is great for fans of a more offensive playstyle. As with most ranged mages, Merlin is an excellent damage dealer allowing him a lot of lane control. He works great solo, or pairs well with a tank or melees DPS. And to top it off he has a great skin selection, including the Avatar from the popular Nickelodeon show.


The turtle king of Smite and strong enough that he could give Bowser a run for his money. Kuzenbo is one of our favorite tanks in the game. He has excellent defensive stats and health. And to top it all off, he can even silence enemies. He is also one of the more mobile tanks, able to dash around the battlefield. So if you are a fan of strength mixed with speed, this is the God for you.


The famous Egyptian God Set is one of the most brutal and popular Gods in Smite. Difficult to master but powerful once you have mastered him. Set is a melee assassin who specializes in one-on-one combat situations. His abilities render him immune to damage while stacking debuffs on his foes which eventually leads to high burst damage. He is played best when he moves from lane-to-lane ganking for the team. But he can equally be effective as a bottom-lane damage dealer when paired with good support.

Jeng Wei

Jeng Wei is a ranged DPS that I absolutely adore! She can deal a lot of damage but her main usage is speed and disabling enemy Gods. Her ultimate allows her to literally fly across the battlefield letting her back into the fight straight away. Or it can be used to set up an effective ambush. Not to mention her baseline damage skills are excellent to boot. If you’re a fan of a more traditional ranged DPS, then Jeng Wei is the one for you.


The God of wine! We love this God simply because of how jolly and drunk he is. Most of his abilities are focused on this fact as well. And he isn’t just a good laugh either. He is a powerful God too. His abilities deal a fair amount of damage, but their main draw is their ability to put some solid debuffs on your opponents. Slowing and intoxicating them. In team fights, this can be the difference between victory and defeat. If you ever come up against a Bacchus, just make sure you run when he spills his wine. Because that is when trouble is brewing!

Gaming Frenzy: The 9 Best Games Ever Created

Gaming Frenzy: The 9 Best Games Ever Created

Within the gaming world there is a lot of debate about which games are the best. While this argument is often quite subjective, there are a select few games that are so good that no one can deny their claim to the title of one of the best games ever created. But what exactly are those games? Stick with us as we walk you through the 9 best games the human race has ever produced!

Dark Souls

There is no doubt about what the greatest game ever made is. Back in 2021 the world put it to the vote as part of the Golden Joystick ‘Greatest Game Of All Time’ award. And the winning game was Dark Souls.

Beating out huge competition in the form of Minecraft, Mario, and Halo. Dark Souls is the ultimate RPG. Featuring intense combat, a complex hidden story, and an intricate multiplayer system that was completely unique during its release.


Ranking second after Dark Souls, Minecraft is officially the best selling video game of all time. It is popular amongst gamers of all ages and has become so influential that schools now use it as part of their curriculum.

Minecraft still features a thriving online community. It has spawned a huge number of interesting game modes such as Bed Wars and Skyblock. And if you take a look at a full list of Minecraft Skyblock servers on any server website you will see the player base is still incredibly active.

World Of Warcraft

In the world of gaming, MMORPGS are often seen as the more extreme genre. They require a lot of dedication to become proficient in. And WoW, or World Of Warcraft, is the father of the genre. It might not be the first, but it was definitely the one that gave the genre some real staying power.

WoW is still going strong to this day, with a new expansion set to release soon. It still has millions of daily players and has been making regular updates to its classic servers, bringing back a huge wave of older players.

Warcraft 3

Before Warcraft was synonymous with the MMORPG genre it was famous for pioneering the Real Time Strategy genre. And Warcraft 3 is the epitome of this journey. It was truly a masterpiece of its time. It took everything people loved about the genre and took it into the modern era with its unique 3D engine.

Fallout: New Vegas

The Fallout series is one of the most beloved on the planet. And we will admit that some of the latest entries into the series have been a big rough. But New Vegas is the ultimate Fallout game in our eyes.

Created by the original team behind the Fallout series, the game is a love letter to fans. It is engaging, deep, complex, and offers a lot of choice and freedom when it comes to how you approach the game. The only downside to it is that you may need to modify it quite a bit to ensure it works properly.

Baldur’s Gate 3

It might seem odd to see such a new title on this list. But Bauldur’s Gate 3 has truly taken the world by storm. There is no doubt in our minds that it will one day rival Dark Souls for the title of the greatest game of all time.

The DnD inspired game is a whirlwind adventure that gives players the freedom to live out their fantasies and feel like a true hero. Or, if they so desire it, a monstrous villain. Whatever you want to become, Bauldur’s Gate 3 allows you to do it.


The Hitman we are talking about is the rebooted series that first released in 2016. A full re-launch of the popular series, this game spawned two successful sequels. But the three games are so similar we have bundled them into one for the purpose of this list.

The new Hitman games offer a compelling sandbox experience. Players can truly feel like a master assassin as they orchestrate complex killings without leaving a trace of evidence behind. It isn’t difficult to see why IoI studios was selected to create the next great James Bond game.

Dawn Of War

The world of Warhammer 40k is an expansive one. The hobby is not all that easy to get into if you don’t have a lot of disposable income and time on your hands. Which is why the popular RTS ‘Dawn Of War’ has made it onto the list.

The game broke 40k down into a format that anyone could enjoy. It was the launching point for many people to step into the hobby. It allowed gamers to fully immerse themselves into the 40k universe. As a game it was complex enough to keep fans of the genre coming back for more. But it also put a lot of emphasis on ensuring the world of 40k was done right. With so many factions to choose from, Dawn Of War is and always will be a gaming classic.

League Of Legends

The MOBA has easily become one of the most popular on the planet. And that is all thanks to League Of Legends. The game single handedly took esports into the public eye and made people finally accept gaming as a serious sport.

There have been hundreds of games trying to copy the LoL format, and all of them have failed while LoL thrives. Riot games has done so well because of LoL that they have even produced a TV show set in the game universe.

Puppy Training 101: How To House Train Your New Dog

Puppy Training 101: How To House Train Your New Dog

There is a reason that dogs are often called man’s best friend. They are loyal, friendly, energetic, and always happy to see you. And studies have shown that spending time with dogs has a marked positive impact on your mental and physical wellbeing. The time spent walking your dog and playing with them helps keep you fit. And the dopamine released from spending quality time with them is sure to keep your mood up.
Getting a new dog is an exciting time for any household. But there is always an adjustment period as they acclimate to their new environment. And, it is during this time that you have to properly house train your new dog. But why is it so important to house train a new puppy? And how is it done?

Importance Of Training

It is often easy to forget that dogs were once wild animals. When you see trained dogs in TV and movies. Or interact with your friends’ dogs. But these dogs didn’t become house trained all on their own.
Puppies will try to exert their natural instincts as often as possible. And this can cause a lot of issues around the home. They will want to play and can end up biting or scratching members of your family. They can destroy furniture or ornaments. And they will go to the toilet wherever they want to. There are all habits you need to train out of them before they become too old to be receptive to training. The most common bit of advice for dog owners at HappiestDog, one of the leading dog care websites out there, is to start a dog’s training as early as possible.

Toilet Training

This is perhaps the most important part of puppy training. If you are lucky enough to have a garden then you will most likely want to train them to go out here. But you will also need to ensure you have a designated toilet area inside the house for them to use. For times when they can’t go outside.
The first step is to ensure they are aware what area has been designated as a toilet for them. It is important to avoid playing games with them in any area that is being designated as a toilet, like the garden, to ensure they don’t confuse the two areas and activities. If you manage to get your puppy to go to the toilet on some newspaper you should put it in their designated toilet area so they learn to associate that area with that smell.
When toilet training them outside you will want to take them to their designated area when you think they need to go. Let them sniff around the area for a while, as this behavior often stimulates their need to go. If they don’t go after ten minutes you can take them inside but keep an eye on them for any signs they might need to go.
One of the most important parts of the training process is to avoid negative reinforcement. If your puppy goes inside the house, do not shout at them or punish them. Simply clean up the mess calmly. Dogs do not understand punishment like a human would. All they will learn is to try and hide where they go to the toilet inside if you punish them.
Instead you need to use positive reinforcement when they go to the toilet in their designated area. Give them lots of praise and a few treats. This will create a positive association in their mind and ensure they are more likely to go to their designated toilet area.


Puppies are naturally curious. And this curiosity will often manifest in a few behaviors. Smelling and licking are some of the more harmless ones. But biting is one that can be dangerous if not addressed early.
Biting, or nipping, is a normal part of how dogs play with one another. And as a puppy, they will engage in this behavior with you while playing. If your dog isn’t biting your hand very hard then it is ok to allow them to nip it a bit. You only need to be concerned if they bite down too hard.
If your dog does bite your hands, or anywhere on your body while playing, you simply need to pull back and turn away from them. This will indicate to them that your attention has shifted away and the play is over. They will soon learn that biting will precede a lack of attention. And remember, do not use negative reinforcement.
We highly recommend getting a good selection of toys that can handle being chewed and bit. Ropes are a good one as you can play tug of war with your puppy. And there are many great dog treats that are designed to allow your puppy to get their biting habit more focused.

7 Of The Most Interesting Lesser Known Animals

7 Of The Most Interesting Lesser Known Animals

The animal kingdom is filled to the brim with beautiful and interesting creatures. Yet it is often only the more popular animals, like cats and dogs, that hold our attention. So today we are going to be giving some love to our favorite lesser known animals.

While this guide won’t contain everything you ever wanted to know about animals, hopefully this list will help enlighten you to the beauty that is out there and encourage you to dive deeper into the world of animals.

#1 Pangolin

You would be forgiven for looking at a Pangolin and thinking it is a Pokemon. These scaly cuties are one of the most interesting mammals on the planet as they are the only ones to be fully covered in scales. They are native to both Asia and Africa. Although there are some key differences in the species of Pangolin found on the different continents.

Sadly Pangolins are considered endangered. They have been hunted for their scales which are used in a lot of traditional medicines. But conservationists are working tirelessly to ensure they are protected and that the species can thrive.

#2 Glass Frog

There are so many species of frogs that it can be difficult to tell them apart at times. But one of the most unique and interesting species of frog is the Glass Frog. It derives its name from the fact that its skin is translucent. Meaning you can actually see its internal organs. The purpose of this is to protect it from predators. As, while sitting on top of leaves, they will blend in with the color. Making them almost invisible to predators.

#3 Panda Ant

Ants are some of the most tenacious and industrious insects on the planet. They are tough, able to lift over ten times their own body weight. They are resilient, able to breed hundreds of new ants in record time. And they can construct intricate and beautiful underground structures with ease.

The Panda Ant is one of the most beautiful species of Ant out there. Their name comes from the fact that their skin is black and white and they are furry. Just like a Panda. But despite their cute appearance, these little guys have one of the most painful bites in the world. So make sure to steer clear of them if you see them.

#4 Hummingbird Hawk-Moth

When you think of a moth you most likely imagine one specific look. Small, fabric-like wings and a furry body. But the animal kingdom can be surprising. And that is the case with the Hummingbird Hawk-Moth. In everything but genetics, this creature is a Hummingbird. It feeds on nectar from flowers, its wings make a similar humming noise, and it looks very similar to a Hummingbird. Truly this is one of nature’s most curious creatures.

#5 Sugar Gliders

These beautiful marsupials are some of the most loyal animals you will ever see. If you are looking for a new pet these are a great choice. They have small stretches of skin between their arms and legs that allow them to glide through the air. Earning them the nickname ‘Flying Squirrels.’ While the Sugar part of their name is derived from the fact that their diet consists of sweet things such as nectar.

The reason they are such good pets is that they easily bond to their owners. And they are highly affectionate creatures. So much so that you could take them outside without a leash and they wouldn’t attempt to run away. Some people even keep them in their pockets while they travel around the city.

#6 Leafy Sea-Dragon

These majestic sea creatures are closely related to the more common seahorse. But anyone who has seen them will likely agree these beauties are in a league of their own. Their name is derived from the fact that they have small lobes coming off their body that look a lot like leaves. These act as camouflage when they are traversing through the ocean. And as an additional fun fact these are also the favorite animal of Sir David Attenborough.

#7 Star-Nosed Mole

One of the most curious species of mole, their name is derived from the shape of their snout. But they use their nose to great effect. It is touch sensitive and they can also use it to smell underwater. A feat that makes them unique amongst mammals. They do this by blowing bubbles underwater. They are found in moist areas of North America and are considered semi aquatic as well.